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A glimpse of a day in the life our ancestors , # 52 Ancestors

A glimpse of a day in the life our ancestors , # 52 Ancestors.

Cape Verdean Veterans of American Wars

Originally posted on Cape Verde History Unearthed:
In honor of Armistice/ Veterans Day this post will honor Cape Verdean veterans of American Wars. The Cape Verdean community here in the States should be very proud of all the Patriots it has produced and lost in every American war since the beginning; fighting for its independence, it’s struggle to remain a unified nation and for the…

A glimpse of a day in the life our ancestors , # 52 Ancestors

In 1937, Mario “Marty” Rose, a Cape Verdean American from New Bedford filmed his trip to Cabo Verde and produced what is probably the first film ever made in Cape Verde. He set sail with Captain Benjamin Costa aboard the schooner, Stranger, owned by the da Lomba Family of New Bedford. This film was shown by Mr Rose and the Seamen’s Memorial Scholarship Fund … Read More A glimpse of a day in the life our ancestors , # 52 Ancestors

#52 Ancestors- Antonio Jose Coelho – Ancestor #5

#52 Ancestors- Antonio Jose Coelho – Ancestor #5.

#52 Ancestors- Antonio Jose Coelho – Ancestor #5

Early last year, I was fortunate enough to visit the Providence Children’s Museum’s Coming to Rhode Island exhibit that features the stories of real people who immigrated and settled in Rhode Island. One of the people featured is Antonio Jose Coelho, captain of the Nellie May, a native of Brava and an ancestor. Captain Antonio Jose Coelho The first time I actually came across … Read More #52 Ancestors- Antonio Jose Coelho – Ancestor #5

#52 Ancestors- The Day Brava Lost Its Men

Teotônio quickly made his way to Ma Culinha’s house next door with a telegram in his hands. It had already been months since her husband, Joao Arcanja, boarded the schooner, Mathilde, with no word until that day, January 2, 1944. Joao Maria Nunes sent the telegram from the United States notifying everyone that the Mathilde still hadn’t reached its destination. Her worst fears were … Read More #52 Ancestors- The Day Brava Lost Its Men

#52 Ancestors – Ancestor #3 – Finding Avelino

I can still remember the day when my uncle announced he was naming his new son “Avelino” after his grandfather. I was twelve and I remember imagining the years of torment my new cousin was going to have to endure. Avelino!?! Why?!? Why would my uncle name his only son AVELINO? Why not James? And who was this grandfather? I didn’t know anything about him. … Read More #52 Ancestors – Ancestor #3 – Finding Avelino

#52 Ancestors – “Papa” -Joao Antonio Lopes #2

I was Papa’s favorite grandchild. Yes, I said it…because it’s true. I know I was his favorite… and so were my sisters. That’s what made Papa the best grandfather in the world. My sisters and I can debate all day about why each one of us was his favorite and we’d all be right. My favorite memories are of Papa taking us for rides … Read More #52 Ancestors – “Papa” -Joao Antonio Lopes #2

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