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52 Ancestors – Ancestor #1 – Forgotten Child, Maria

Maria was 10 days old when she was baptized on August 31, 1890 in the church of Nossa Senhora do Monte. She was the daughter of Julio Goncalves and Carolina da Lomba and born at midnight on the 21st of August in Cham de Sousa. Her paternal grandparents were Francisco Goncalves and Angelica Pires and her maternal grandparents were Joaquim da Lomba and Theresa … Read More 52 Ancestors – Ancestor #1 – Forgotten Child, Maria

52 Ancestors Challenge

I have decided to commit myself to the 52 Ancestors Challenge. There are so many people with interesting lives that I’ve come across in my research and I think it’s time to tell their stories. I’m a little late in starting so I’m going to have to catch up since we’re 9 weeks into 2014 but I think I’m up for the challenge!

Cape Verde DNA

Originally posted on The Creola Genealogist :
?While researching my family tree, I decided to look into genealogical DNA testing. There are different types of testing available. Males are able to have yDNA testing which tests a particular part of the DNA that is passed down from father to son. Females and males can have mTDNA which tests mitochondrial DNA that is passed down from…

Cape Verdean Genealogy

Originally posted on The Creola Genealogist :
View of Chao de Souza and Thome Barraz, Brava. This picture was taken during one of the manydroughts in Cape Verde. I have been interested in my family history since as long as I can remember. I was that pesky kid constantly asking questions of anyone who would answer me. Countless hours were spent listening to my grandmother…

A Letter from Maria Coelho Rodrigues to Her Long Lost Brother, Julio #52 Ancestors

It must have felt like an early Christmas the day the letter arrived from California in October 1962. It had been over forty years since Bibi, my great-grandmother, had heard from her younger brother, Julio. He was very young when he boarded a ship, around 1920, bound for the United States never to return to the island or family he left behind. This is … Read More A Letter from Maria Coelho Rodrigues to Her Long Lost Brother, Julio #52 Ancestors

Cachupa Memories

I decided to make some cachupa today. It’s a dish I grew up watching my mother, my grandmother and my great grandmother make. It’s basically a stew made with dried hominy, lima beans, collard greens and pork. Nothing fancy, but for me growing up, it was a delicacy that no gourmet dish from a five star restaurant could ever top. I remember watching my … Read More Cachupa Memories

Hidden History of Cabo Verde???

I came across an interesting passage in a book published called “Corografia Cabo-Verdiana, ou Descripcão Geografico-Historica” (Chelmecki, 1841) where the author, very matter of factly, stated that there was a tradition in Cape Verde that the island of Santiago was inhabited by Jalofs (Wolof) at the time of its discovery. Using the word “discover” usually implies “previously unknown”. The islands were referred to by … Read More Hidden History of Cabo Verde???

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