Month: August 2012

Shiva and Rosh Hashana in Cape Verde?

I have written previously about Jews in Cape Verde and about “Nodjadu” reflecting the Jewish Shiva. Jews have been present in Cape Verde since its first settlement and undoubtedly brought their traditions with them. During the Inquisitions of Spain and Portugal, Jewish families were forced to convert to Christianity or face persecution and sometimes death. Thousands of Jews were burnt alive for refusing to … Read More Shiva and Rosh Hashana in Cape Verde?

Marcelino, A slave escapee from Cape Verde

In the first session held of the 28th Congress of the United States in 1844, on the floor of the US capital, the story was told of a young man named Marcelino who escaped from slavery in Cape Verde after boarding the Barque, Pantheon. Joao Jose Claudio de Lima, a merchant from Rabil, Boa Vista, had his most trusted and skilled slave, Marcelino, tending … Read More Marcelino, A slave escapee from Cape Verde

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a mom's guide to being essentially happy.

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Civil War Emancipation

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RootStories and More

"Ancestors never die until there is no one to call their names." ~ An African Proverb

You Got Roots?!

Educate. Engage. Advocate.

Archaeology and Material Culture

The material world, broadly defined


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The Neighborhood

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