Month: April 2012

Jews of Cape Verde

There has been a lot written about Jews in Cape Verde. The Cape Verde Jewish Heritage Project Was established in 2007 by Carol Castiel and various Cape Verdean descendants of Jews who had migrated to the islands from Gibraltar and Morocco in the 1800’s. Throughout the existence of Cape Verde, Jews have been an integral part of its initial settlement and history. The late … Read More Jews of Cape Verde

Fula Connection?!

Since reading Maya Angelou’s “All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes” in college I have dreamt about traveling to mainland Africa and finding people who looked like me. In her book, Ms Angelou travel’s to Ghana in the 60’s and visits a village where she was immediately embraced as a lost member because she had many of the features associated with that tribe. One day … Read More Fula Connection?!

Spanish Flu and Tuberculosis in Cape Verde

My great-grandparents, Antonio and Rosa, both died within months from each other in 1917-1918. Antonio traveled regularly between Brava and the US between 1896 and 1917. During his last time here in the US, he became very sick and went back to Brava. Within a few months, passed away on June 17,1917. A few months later, Rosa, collapsed while working in her garden leaving … Read More Spanish Flu and Tuberculosis in Cape Verde

Avelino Barbosa Rodrigues 1900-1929

Isabel Barbosa Rodrigues1873-1951 Avelino Rodrigues1900-1929 My great-grandfather, Avelino B. Rodrigues, was born on August 20, 1900 in Pai Luis, Sao Joao Baptista, Brava. He was the son of Rufino Rodrigues and Isabel Barbosa. The eldest of four, he joined his father and two uncles, Benjamin and Manuel, in Providence around 1917. Rufino and his brothers began immigrating to the US in the late 1800’s His father, … Read More Avelino Barbosa Rodrigues 1900-1929

Cape Verdean Genealogy

  I have been interested in my family history since as long as I can remember. I was that pesky kid constantly asking questions of anyone who would answer me. Countless hours were spent listening to my grandmother and great grandmother talking about the “old country”. After a while, I could basically tell you anything about the island of Brava, Cape Verde as if … Read More Cape Verdean Genealogy

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